Holy Family School provides a complete basic education which adheres to the prescribed standards K to 12 Basic Education Curricula.   Hence, the school offers the following:

Pre- Elementary:
Kinder 1
Kinder 2


Grades 1 to 6

High School:       

Junior High School – Grades 7 – 10

Senior High School – Grades 11 – 12

Senior HS is a two-year in-depth specialization for students based on the career track they want to pursue. The program will hone skills and help develop competencies required in the job from different industries. This will also address the international standard set among countries for standardization of curriculum to make students globally competitive.

Holy Family School Senior High School program offers the following career tracks:

  • Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM)
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMMS)
  • Science, Technology and Engineering (STEM)

As early as Grade 11, students will undergo work immersion that will provide them experience in actual work environment and culture relevant to their chosen career tracks. This kind of exposure ensures that the graduates are prepared for the challenges in the workplace which include Banking, Travel and Tourism, Accounting, Day Care, Tutorial Services, Desktop Publishing, Computer Animation, Multimedia Arts, Radio and Television, Journalism, and Photography.

A student-centered curriculum, the school employs a seamless and coherent pedagogical repertoire that puts the learners at the center of the learning process.  Thus, hands-on, experiential, and collaborative activities are used to meet the students’ diverse learning needs and styles.

A Christ centered curriculum , the Familian core values of Dignity of Human Person and Life, Dignity of Work, Nazareth Spirit (prayer-work, study, charity, humility, simplicity, austerity), Family Life, Women empowerment, Justice and Love of Country and Care for Creation are integrated across all subject areas, activities and programs.

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