Director’s Corner


Circular Letter No. 1  s2015
26 January 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Greetings in the name of the Holy Family in Nazareth!

As we open the Calendar Year 2015, we wish to thank you for allowing us to be your mission partner during the most critical years of learning and development of your children. Now on our 48th years in the mission of educational apostolate, we continue to commit to provide quality Catholic basic education.

Consistent with such commitment, we recognize the need to improve and upgrade certain areas of our services to align them with the current needs of 21st century learners and global citizens. Through your strong collaboration and positive response to all of the school-initiated projects, we are able to achieve the following milestones, which we would like to share with you:

School Improvement Initiatives

  • Child Study Center for Preschool  The two-storey building which was constructed from January to June 2014 is now fully operational. Each classroom has its own restroom and different learning areas for reading, viewing, art and play activities. It also has multi-media equipments to provide a variety of interactive and engaging learning opportunities for the young learners.
  • Fully Air-conditioned Classrooms for all levels  Due to extreme heat during certain months as a result of worsening weather patterns, the school management has granted the requests and proposals from generation of parents and students to install air-condition units in all classrooms to make them conducive for learning.
  • Big Increase in the Salary of Teachers and Non-teaching Personnel  In order to ensure a pool of competent and highly-qualified academic leaders, teachers, and non-teaching personnel, the school management has decided to implement a dramatic increase in the salary of its employees this school year.

Updates on Senior High School
DepEd has granted the school’s proposal to offer Senior High School beginning School Year 2015-2016 for Academic Track, specifically, Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM) and Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS). The application for Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) is still pending until the completion of Science Laboratories. In preparation for this new development, below are some of the intensive measures that the school undertakes:

  • On-going Construction of Two-Storey Science Centrum
    The combined results of  survey from the cohorts for Grade 11, which was conducted yearly from SY 2011- 2012 until this school year, and the data obtained from the standardized tests administered by the Guidance and Testing Center revealed that 48% of incoming Grade 11 choose to take Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Strand. Having separate science laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and General Science is a requirement set by DepEd for an institution to be granted permission to offer this strand, thus, the need to construct the Science Centrum which costs seven million six hundred eighty thousand pesos (P7,680,000.00) for the structure alone, excluding the apparatus and interior fixtures.
  • Creating a Pool of Competent and Qualified Teachers
    Having the introductory courses in college pulled down in the senior high school, the need to employ qualified teachers to handle specialized and contextualized subjects have been addressed by retooling current teachers through attending intensive seminar and graduate studies and forging partnership with institutions for higher learning.

Implementation of Minimal Tuition Fee Increase

The above-mentioned school improvement initiatives and statutory requirements for Senior High School entail huge amount of budget on the part of the school. This is the reason why the school decides to apply for minimal increase on tuition fees, as specified below, with a commitment not to implement increase in the Basic and Miscellaneous fees.


Refund for Energy Fee
Due to the delay in the installation of three-phase transformer, which was beyond our control, the use of air-condition units had to be scheduled by level from July until the middle of November 2014.  Thus, we recognize the need to re-compute the energy fees we charged at the beginning of the school year to be able to give the refund of energy fee due for each student.  Please find the attached paper for the specific amount which shall be automatically deducted from the outstanding balance for those who pay on an installment basis or to be refunded by the Accounting Office upon request for those who have paid in full during the enrollment.  If you have further queries, you may inquire from the Cashier.

For your information and guidance.


Sincerely yours in Christ,

Mrs. Teresita Arcos-Surot

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