n 1993, upon the imperatives of the congregation’s “Taller document”, the school revised its Vision-Mission and started undertaking a program of redirection.  Hence, in 2004, the Siervas De San Jose sisters took a rather radical step to empower school personnel and turned over Holy Family School to the hand of lay administrators.  Mrs. Nela C. Wei, then the Academic Coordinator for elementary department was appointed the first lay Directress.  With the close accompaniment of the Board of Trustees of Siervas De San Jose Center of Education, the lay leadership has survived the challenges, surpassed difficulties and continued to create and sustain goals to promote student success anchored in Nazareth Values.

As Mrs. Nela C. Wei retired in March 2013, the second lay Directress, Mrs. Teresita Arcos- Surot took the helm and has been sharing leadership not only to her fellow administrators but also with other school’s stakeholders in building a dynamic and positive school culture.

Mrs. Nela Wei Directress
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