HFS Kicks-Off MAPEH-Sportsfest

by Alexandria Therese R. Sadang

In the spirit of camaraderie and vitality, Holy Family School of Quezon City kicked off with its annual MAPEH (Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health) day with the theme – “Magkaisa sa Kalusugan at Saya”. The event was held last January 25, 2017 and the whole student body, along with the faculty and staff, united as they celebrated the aforementioned festivity through the various activities conducted. The opening ceremony was dominated by music as the day started off with a Dancercise (Dance Exercise) led by selected Grade 12 students to prepare the participants for the activities that would take place.

While music filled the Familian Court, sketches and colors moved with the rhythm of the dance as the chosen representatives for the Board Art competition gave life to their chalkboards located in their respective classrooms as they drew to convey the essence of the event’s theme. The students who participated in the Dancercise soon took part in the MAPEH Relay in which representatives per level were challenged to accomplish the tasks given by the four stations – Music, Art, Physical Education, and Health. The MAPEH Relay was, then, followed by the Human Chess wherein the well-known board game was given a twist as the students served as the chess pieces. Some of the students wore costumes while some had their own ways of representing themselves. While the MAPEH Relay and Human Chess transpired during the MAPEH Day itself, the ball games – Volleyball, Basketball, Table Tennis, and Badminton play-offs were scheduled every afternoon at dismissal time and is set to be completed on the last week of February.

This year’s MAPEH day was truly an event filled with strengthening and empowering as the students unleash their inner Olympian prowess while promoting the significance of good health. It likewise imbued the values of teamwork, responsibility, and determination as they continue to hone themselves to the women servant leaders they are yet to be.




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