by Darla Aimee V. Dizon

 Last February 3 2017, Holy Family School held its annual Christian Life Formation (CLF) Day, with the theme “We are a Family, Called to Lead as God’s Stewards”.

The Eucharistic celebration during the first part of the morning marked the beginning of the symbolic event. The short break after the holy mass was followed by the set of activities, which were lined up for every level. Junior High School students started out with their respective categories in the Bible Quiz bee. This segment was facilitated by chosen representatives from the Grade 10 level. Simultaneously, the Grade 11 students went ahead with their presupposed bibliodrama—wherein each of them dressed as various characters from distinctive parables in the bible and put on a short play for the elementary students. At the same instance, the Grade 12 level had been busy setting up the designs on the doors of the Grades 9 and 10 classrooms, which had been meant for the “film viewing for a cause” later that day.

The earlier part of the afternoon was scheduled for the family encounter of each section in the High School department. The students were given the opportunity to pay it forward and share their blessings with the less fortunate of their brothers and sisters, from the adopted community in C.P. Garcia. The two-hour period had solely been allotted for each class to get-to-know and entertain the family that had been assigned to them. Sure enough, none of the families who visited went home empty-handed, as every class made sure to express their appreciation through proffering groceries, which covered the basic necessities of the visitors.

16406552_1211727342277459_5948569736242013061_nIn due course, the Junior High School students, together with the Grade 11 level and a couple of Grade 12 students, proceeded to their ascribed venues for the film showing of Maskara, a movie that sought to enlighten its viewers about fighting for one’s rights and for the truth, even at the expense of risking one’s own life. The film lasted approximately two hours, giving the remaining Grade 12 students ample time to prepare for the bible sharing activity.

At around 4 o’ clock in the afternoon, students convened at the Familian Court, where the Bible sharing was to take place. Once everyone had found their designated groups and Grade 12 facilitators, the BEC sharing commenced for a relentless two hours. This particular activity allowed every student to express their own thoughts and understanding, regarding the given bible passage—as well as to share their personal experiences and problems to the group, which had been kept within the boundaries of profound trust and empathy.

As the evening grew deeper and the clock struck 6:00, everyone was instructed to head to the fields for the commitment prayer. Every member of the institution—student, faculty member, and/ or staff participated, as they stood in a large circle hand-in-hand with other Familians praising and worshipping the Almighty Father. Afterwards, the students were asked to gather at the center of the field according to grade level—starting off with the Grade 12, succeeded by the Grade 11, then the Grade 10. Each batch demonstrated their fulfillment and gratefulness for the day’s happenings, through uttering a heartfelt prayer, as they stood side-by-side with their batch mates, surrounding the table of lit candles installed in the middle. The night concluded as each one was graced with the time and opportunity to convey his/her sincere love, gratitude, and repentance to his/her schoolmates, teachers, and friends.

Indeed, the event may have formally ended during that day, but the learnings and experiences that had been restored, the joy and hope in the hearts of each one, will last a lifetime.


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