Last February 17, 2017, the Grade 11 and Grade 12 students gathered at the Familian Court for the Senior High School Turnover rites, with the theme: “Sharing Life and Mission… Recreating Nazareth Today.”

The procession of the Senior High School students marked the beginning of the momentous event. As the students settled down, a solemn paraliturgy followed shortly. Highlighting the event’s theme, the proponents of “Mission: R13,” “Call the Youth Let Them Know Their Roots,” and “Book for a Cause” from grade 12 STEM, HUMSS, and ABM, respectively turned over their projects to the grade 11 students. These projects that had been pioneered by respective Grade 12 students, were handed down to the Juniors with the hope that the younger batch shall continue the legacy that they have started. The short break after the paraliturgy was succeeded by the beginning of the actual turnover rites. Dr. Connie Marie Belmonte – Domingo, the guest speaker who herself is an alumna delivered her inspirational speech to guide the seniors as they embark on a new journey and to encourage the Grade 11 students to ponder over the future. Subsequently, the candle ceremony commenced. As a sign of genuine willingness and fellowship, the seniors lit their candles and handed it over to their Grade 11 counterpart. In return, the Grade 11 students gave each Senior a rose flower as a symbol of respect and gratitude.


In the latter part of the afternoon, the turnover of symbols began, in which the Book of Knowledge had been the first to be passed on. Angela S. Tria, who was the current holder of said symbol, had passed it on to Geraldine Pearl V. Santos. The Book of Knowledge epitomizes wisdom and the use of knowledge in its truest sense. Afterwards, a trip down memory lane was prepared by Charisse Arsolon and Quennie Quisel. The pavilion was filled with laughter as they went their way back Batch INFIN17E’S history, and as well as a little bit of sadness due to the fact that the Seniors are soon to leave the halls of Holy Family School to face a new chapter of their lives. The Torch of Light was turned over by Isabela Lousie B. Ferrer to Sharisse Mae C. Molino. This symbol upholds humility in excellence and service. Consequently, Hannah Duya and Aisha Macapundag read the Class Prophecy and once again, the pavilion was filled with laughter as they caught a glimpse of what the Seniors would be like in the future. After which, Monica C. Manlongat passed on the Key of Responsibility, which signifies service, to Dreena May C. Montalbo. Such was followed by the reading of the Class Will and Testament headed by Kristen Banaag and Alexandria Sadang. Patterned to the process of beauty pageants, the crowns worn by chosen Seniors were bestowed upon the Grade 11 students as a hallmark of the responsibilities that came with the legacies. Accordingly, the Scepter of Power, which embodies true leadership, was the last symbol passed on by Darla Aimee V. Dizon to Jillian Nicole A. Velasco.


As the sun started to set, both batches acknowledged the significant role that Holy Family School has played in their lives. Angela S. Tria walked down the aisle, proudly holding the school flag, while her alma mater speech was playing in the background. Everyone joined in singing the school hymn, shortly after her procession. The most awaited part of the program, which was the formal dinner concluded the event.

Truly, it was an immensely momentous event for Batch INFIN17E and Batch INVINC18LE. The Senior High School Turnover rites may have ended but the responsibilities and legacies shall perpetually live on.

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