In conjunction with the re-launching of Philippine National Police’ “Project Double Barrel – ALPHA”, a symposium on anti-illegal drugs called “Ugnayan” was held on March 8, 2017 at the Familian Court.  A six-member team of law enforcers from Anonas Police Station led by Superintendent Robert B. Sales facilitated the lecture-seminar aimed at raising the student’ awareness on their intensified campaign plan to eradicate illegal drugs.

In their presentation before the Grade 7 to 12 students and school personnel, the facilitators explained the scope oDSC_0060f illegal drug trade in the Philippinesand the truth about drug to which the youth become vulnerable preys.  A number of videos were shown that emphasized the severe health risk of drug abuse both physical and mental.  Superintendent Sales reiterated that their focus is to achieve a drug-free community where peace is emphasized. He added “Drug users or pushers, who willingly surrender under the PNP’s Project Tokhang, would undergo counselling and rehabilitation which will aid in the improvement of the individual’s emotional, mental, and social aspects so as to become a productive member of the community and regain a sense of independence and purpose in life.”

Students were given the chance to express their concerns in the question and answer portion of the symposium.  Among their questions were about the difference on the treatment of the upper-class men and those who are marginalized, men of their own using drugs, extrajudicial killings of suspected drug users and the like. Superintendent Bautista stated that they will do their job in order to suppress drug users among them as they will go through the same sanction. Unjust treatment is also not likely to happen as both upper-class men and the poor were bestowed the same punishment.


Definitely, the symposium about the anti-illegal drugs campaign has paved way for the Familians to increase their awareness on the administration’s actions towards the eradication of drug-related crimes that threaten our society. Ending the symposium, our School Directress, Mrs. Teresita Arcos-Surot, affirmed our school’s stand on supporting the campaign that in exchange, respects and upholds human rights.

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