HFS Holds Graduation for First Batch of Senior High School

 April 7 marked an important milestone in the history of Holy Family School as it honored the firstbatch of senior high schoo l graduates in a graduation ceremony held at the Familian Court.  
School personnel, friends and families cheered for the ninety seven Grade 12 students who excitedly walked across the stage to receive their diplomas and officially became the pioneer batch of senior high school graduates.

       Two years earlier, Holy Family School was poised to breaknew grounds in its pursuit of academic excellence and its leaders
hip role with the opening of Senior High School one year ahead of Department of Education’s June 2016 timetable. Our Senior High School curriculum offers academic track with the three strands:  Accounting, Business and Management or ABM, Humanities and Social Sciences or HUMSS, and Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering or STEM.

       As the graduates turned their tassels, they learned a great deal from the success story of their commencement speaker, Mrs. Liza Leah Calma.Juinio. She shared with the graduates some of her secrets in making a name in the food industry business like taking pride of ones work, dare asking the right questions and seeking answers from a mentor. 

       In her First Honors address, Darla Aimee Dizon expressed her deepest gratitude to her family, friends, teachers and administrators for making it possible for her and the whole of Batch INFIN17E to finally get to wear their vibrant blue togas and caps and reap the fruit of their hard labor.  In spite of innumerable achievements that batch INFIN17E has been able to attain, the graduates took a long and bumpy journey to get to where they are now. She said, “We have gone through the hardest and stickiest situations as a batch and had been able to make it out still as one solid family. 

We share the agonizing responsibility of refining each output in the hope of setting a trend that would later on, promulgate what it means to be instilled with Nazareth values.  We willingly subjected ourselves to this painstaking experience, out of our authentic love and dedication to our mission as Holy Familians.

Two similar occasions were held earlier to honor the Elementary Graduates and Junior High School Completers.

      The following awards are conferred on the graduates for meritorious achievements:


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