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With just less than three weeks before the classes begins, preparations are underway to ensure to get the new school year off to a good start at Holy Family School Holy Family School.

Cognizant in providing a rigorous curriculum and engaging experience for 21st century learners, the school continually invests on teacher training and improvement of infrastructure and learning resources.  As such, the following activities were undertaken:

A week-long in-service training has been rolled out to help the teachers have a stronger grasp in purposefully aligning the curriculum and classroom practices to Dep Ed and Philippine Catholic Schools standards. 

Two e-learning hubs were built for elementary and high school students to access digital publications, multimedia resources, and interactive learning and assessments. Providing a high capacity broadband and connectivity is in the works to help the learners take full advantage of today’s best educational information services.  Along with this, the newly relocated Learning Resource Center (LRC) which houses both the library and media center is expanding its print and non-print collection and electronic resources.  This aims to provide social space for students to research, collaborate, create and relax.

“We are excited to welcome all students from kindergarten through senior high school.  We had our regular enrolment last week and currently, we are accommodating late enrollees for all levels”, explains Mrs. Julieta Libo-on, the school registrar.

Below is a schedule of upcoming activities for the opening of classes:

June 1 to 7; 13 to 15 – Enrolment

June 14 – Orientation with new parents (Kinder- 8:00am; Gr. 1 to 6 -1:00 pm)

June 15 – Orientation with new parents (Gr. 7 to 12 – 8:00am)

June 19 – Opening of classes of Gr. 1 to 12

June 21 – Opening of classes of Kinder


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