Familians move forward to Math, Science and Technology

The 29th day of September saw the months of preparations expended by students and teachers for the annual 3Math, Science, and Computer Fair.  Anchored in the theme “Moving Forward to Science, Math, and Technology”, the organizers drew up informative and exciting activities for everyone to take part in. This aims to bring mathematics, science and technology closer to the students, letting them get a first-hand experience on how the disciplines work to help them become responsible stewards of creation.



The event commenced with opening program where Mrs. Zoraida Amang, Science Coordinator, gave her welcome remarks. With their colorful and lively moves, the Grade 3 pupils danced their way to showing the different animal habitats to the audience.   This was followed shortly by Little Scientist and Little Inventor by Grades 3-4 and Grades 5-6, respectively.  Simultaneously, the Kindergarten pupils had their Science Camp activities in their classrooms and the Grade 10 to 11 students showcased their investigatory projects through trifold presentation by explaining the details of their projects and answering questions.  Meanwhile, other high students had fun joining Amazing Links and Numbo, which are both physical and mental activities.

The event’s highlight, search for Binibining Agham was held in the afternoon at the Familian Court. 4
Five candidates from Grade 7 to 11 vied for the title.  The candidates graced the catwalk wearing their gowns made of various recyclable and indigenous materials.  This was to promote the Three R’s: Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle – a great way to eliminate waste and protect the environment. Proving that they are full package: beauty and brains, the candidates dazzled the judges with their high intellect as they answer the scientific questions comprehensively.

As the pageant reached its conclusion, the following titles were awarded:

Binibining Agham 2017 : Pamela Grace Corpuz (Grade 11)

First Runner-up : Ziyan Sikat (Grade 9)

Second Runner-up : Lucia Calilung (Grade 10)

Winners in different contests such as Investigatory Project, Amazing Links and Numbo were conferred with medals and certificates.

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