Parent Partnership

A. Parent’s Council

“The educative task cannot be carried out without the coordinated and responsible collaboration of all those persons who constitute the educative community. It is a Community that is built day by day and that expresses itself and functions through responsible participation.” (1987 SSJ Mission Document)

Considered as partners of the educative community, all parents and/or guardians of students/pupils enrolled in Holy Family School automatically become members of this association. It is organized to promote closer and harmonious relationship between the school administration and parents through mutual collaboration, coordination and cooperation in the carrying out of the school’s vision-mission.

As members, the parents and guardians are enjoined to actively participate in all its programs, projects and activities.

The Parents’ Council is guided by the established Parents’ Council constitution and by-laws.

B. School Discipline

Section 74 Authority to Maintain School Discipline of the Manual of Regulations for Private Schools states that “every private school shall maintain good discipline inside the school campus as well as outside the school premises when pupils or students are engaged in activities authorized by the school. It likewise says that parents are considered members of the school community, and the Supreme Court has ruled that the right to establish and enforce reasonable rules and regulations extends as well to parents and parent-teacher associations, as parents are under a social and moral obligation individually and collectively to assist and cooperate with the schools.”

Parents and guardians are therefore bound by duty to help the school carry out this program on discipline. As partners in education they are called to project the name of the school and all its members by setting good examples. In view of this role, the school reserves the right to request the transfer of students whose parents lack goodwill and refuse to comply with school rules and regulations particularly those acts which undermine the integrity of the school.

C. Forms of Communication

Various forms of communication have been established to ensure a smooth flow of information, namely:

1. Parent Line
To ensure fast and accurate information regarding school activities and updates such as emergency notifications, parent-teacher conferences, family day, etc., a new medium of communication, specifically, the Parent Line, is adopted by the institution. It is a hosted and guaranteed text-messaging service that promptly links the school to the parents.

2. Parental Consent Form
All activities authorized by the school which are held beyond school hours and/or outside the school premises, including those involving monetary contributions, require parental consent. Such parental consent forms are issued to students for their parent’s approval. Reply slips are to be submitted to the Class Adviser.

3. Circular Letters
The school Directress regularly sends circular letters to parents/guardians to keep them updated about school activities and other matters that concern the education of their children. Reply slips to the circular are to be submitted to the Class Adviser and are considered as one of the requirements for year-end clearance.

4. Parent-Teacher Conference
The Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) and distribution of cards are held quarterly. These activities serve as effective venues in addressing the concerns of the individual pupil/student. ATTENDANCE IS A MUST.

D. Parents’/Guardians’ Recollection

As a Catholic Center of Education, this institution upholds that one’s spiritual life builds the foundation in the achievement of its goals in the light of its Vision-Mission. In promoting the Nazareth spirituality that is woven in the school’s educational program, recollection of parents/guardians is very important considering that they are the school’s partners in the education of their children.

Annual recollection is held for parents in different groups, namely:

1. Parents/Guardians of First Communicants,
2. Parents/Guardians of Graduating pupils/students (elementary and high school)
3. Parents/Guardians of Undergraduates (elementary and high school)

Given the importance of this activity, ATTENDANCE IS A MUST.

E. Family Day

In keeping with one of the school’s core value, which is Family life in Nazareth, an Annual Family Day is organized by the Parents Council Officers. Such activity strengthens family bonding and fosters friendship among families of pupils and students and members of the school community. Participation and collaboration in the different activities of the Family Day is encouraged.

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