SSJ Philosophy



The Siervas de San Jose’s philosophy of education holds the belief that the educational mission cannot be carried out without the coordinated and responsible collaboration of all the stakeholders who constitute the educative community. It is a Community that expresses itself, functions through responsible participation, and is governed by the spirit of subsidiarity.

The SSJ philosophy is founded in the following four fundamental principles, which form the nucleus of its educational identity and are valuable to the complete development of the person:

  1. Respect for Human Dignity;
  2. Sanctified Work;
  3. Nazareth as Model; and
  4. Responsible Stewardship

HFS Core Values

Holy Family School of Quezon City, Inc. advocates the following CORE VALUES which are derived from the four fundamental principles set by the Siervas de San Jose as its educational identity:

Respect for Human Dignity

  1. Self – respect and Respect for the Rights of Others
  2. Women Empowerment
  3. Compassion (Commitment to less privileged sectors of society)

Sanctified Work

  1. Honesty & Excellence
  2. Prayer & Faith

Nazareth as Model

  1. Family Life
  2. Charity, Simplicity, Austerity & Humility

Responsible Stewardship

  1. Leadership through Service
  2. Care for Creation
  3. Love of Country



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