Entrance Test (Application starts in November)

1. Fill out 2 copies of NSETAF (New Student Entrance Test Application Form).

2. Submit the required credentials to the Registrar’s Office.

3. Pay the testing fee to the Cashier.

4. Submit 2 copies of NSETAF to the Registrar’s Office and get the copy which indicates the testing schedule.

5. During the exam, proceed to the testing center and present the exam permit to the test examiner (Applicants are required to be at the testing center at least 15 minutes before the testing time schedule).

6. Release of results will be announced by the test examiner (usually within 3 days after the exam).

7. Applicants who qualify in the exam are scheduled for interview prior to the final admission.

8. Immediately after the interview, qualified applicants may enroll or pay the reservation fee to be assured of slots for the school year.


Submit Original Report Card (signed by the principal).
Accomplish registration forms.
Submit Certificate of Guardianship (if applicable).
Proceed to the Cashier for payment.
Accounting Policy

A. Modes of Payment of School Fees

Cash : Upon enrollment


First Semester: Upon enrollment

Second Semester: 1st week of November


First Quarter : Upon enrollment

Second Quarter: 2nd week of August

Third Quarter: 2nd week of November

Fourth Quarter: 2nd week of February

Monthly : every 1st week of the month beginning July


For cheque payments, only cashier’s and manager’s cheques are accepted.
Foreign students are charged additional 10% of the tuition and registration fees and are required to pay in full.

B. Refund of Fees

When students register in a school, it is understood that they are enrolling for the entire school year for pre-school, elementary or secondary course.

Students who transfer or otherwise withdraw in writing will be charged certain percentage from the total amount to be paid for the year, regardless of whether or not they have actually attended class, as specified below:

5% before the opening of classes
10% within the first week of classes
15% within the second week of classes
20% within the third week of classes
100% within or beyond the fourth week of classes
Reservation and registration fees are non-refundable

C. Insurance

To provide security, the students of Holy Family School are covered by an accident insurance for twenty four hours within a period of one year.

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