Pre- elementary (Female)

Elementary & High School (Female)

A. Requirements

Age (By June of the school year)

Kinder 1 (4 years old)

Kinder 2 (5 years old)

Grade 1 (6 years old)


Conduct (85% and above or its equivalent)

General Final Average (80 % with no failing grade in any subject)

Other Credentials (for submission before the entrance test)

1. Birth (NSO/PSA) and baptismal certificates……..
2. Report Card with latest periodic grades (photocopy with original forauthentication)
3. Duly accomplished HFS Recommendation Form (Grade 3 – High School)
4. Two pieces (1×1) ID pictures
5. NCAE Result (for Grades 11 and 12)

Requirements for Foreign Students

Items 1 to 4, and

5. Original Transcript of Records (photocopy with original for authentication)

6. Passport (photocopy with original for authentication)

7.Permit to Study issued by the Bureau of Immigration

8. Applicants for Grade 8/Second Year to Grade 10/Fourth year are……

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