A pleasant evening to everyone!
It is a great privilege to welcome back not only the alumni from different batches, but also HFS former mentors and administrators. I am amazed at how the silver jubilarians exhaust all efforts to bring together important people who are considered landmarks in the history of Holy Family School.
Every alumni homecoming is traditionally a time of togetherness and sharing of stories and memories. On this day of togetherness, I welcome you all to Holy Family School of QC. Inc. This year’s alumni homecoming promises to be extraordinarily exciting and rewarding as you will know later from this year’s silver jubilarians, led by Ms. Mary Ann Cruz.
Generally, homecoming is a wonderful event as it provides a venue to formally welcome back former mentors and fellow alumni to their second home. Essentially, the school is and must always be open to every alumna or batch at all times. At this point, please allow me to take this opportunity to introduce you to the Chairperson of Alumni and External Affairs, Mrs. Juliet Z. Libo-on. I am sure Batch ’89, the next Silver Jubilarians, knows her personally. So from this day onward, any alumna or batch who would want to visit, reconnect, or organize a batch gathering here in school, you can approach Mrs. Libo-on who is more than willing to accommodate you.
This year’s theme: “BEST MIXES OF THE 80’s” has initially given me some time to reflect on how I could work around it for my message. But I realize later that best mixes of the ‘80’s might connote the best and the most creative ideas and outputs that the batch can yield if they work together in unity and harmony even when they are physically scattered in the different parts of the world. As for you, Batch ’88, even if I’ve personally known only few of you for more than one year, I can attest to your organizer’s eagerness and selfless dedication in working together, motivating others to the point of almost compelling them to be actively involved in all the programs and projects which the alumni association wishes to embark on for the coming years.
As for us, the present administrators of your Alma Mater, while we are confronted by great challenges brought about by ASEAN 2015, we are not afraid to face them headon as we know we can count on your support. Of course we all know that by 2015, the borders of all the 10 countries that are members of the ASEAN will be borderless for goods and services. What does this mean to us? It means a possible exodus of teachers for it will be easy for them to be employed in Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Malaysia, etc. for they will not be required to present visa anymore. Additionally,  I am sure that you are aware of how our DepEd secretary does his work so excellently for the public schools that he is almost leading to the closure of some private schools. But we do not want to be dampened by these possibilities because there’s a way to counter them. I am personally confident that like other alumni in top performing schools, you would be willing to journey with your Alma Mater in crafting strategic directions and aggressive approaches to turn these challenges into opportunities for greater success.
Your batch, through Ms. Mary Ann, Ms. Gigi Garcia- Arroyo, Atty, Delia Vivar-Dimaandal, and Ms. Nora Herrera-Mella, has actually started journeying with us in a number of ways. First, Atty. Dey has spearheaded the registration of HFSQCAAI to SEC and has created its Constitution and Bylaws. Among the purposes of HFSQCAAI as specified in Article II Section 2 is to work with the different sectors of the school community to help in the realization of vision, mission, and goals of the institution through meaningful projects that will aid in the growth and development of the students, faculty and personnel as well as in the improvement of school facilities.
I can attest to how this specific purpose has been gradually achieved by this batch. For instance, this summer, Ms. Mary Ann and Atty. Dey gave an in-service training for teachers. Ms. Gigi Arroyo, whose loyalty to this institution is extended up to her child/ren, is always eager to assist us in all our programs and projects. I also find the gesture of Ms. Nora Herrera really touching when she went, all by herself, to the funeral of Ms. Tinsay. This act might mean trivial or insignificant to mention in this gathering, but it speaks of the kind of bond that an alumna can have for her teacher. In fact, it made me ponder, years from now, will there ever be a student of mine who would brave the traffic and strong rains just to attend my funeral?  This can also be a question that might be running in your mind right now.
Let me bring you back to our event this evening, yes, I know my role is simply to welcome you all in this gathering. This is my way of expressing  a warm and personal message to all of you. I am actually inviting you, especially the alumni from different batches, to make the most of this evening and perhaps plan for more frequent visits to your second home by being actively involved in every possible way. You can be our mission partners in a lot of ways. You can sponsor projects, be a facilitator or speaker during in-service training, conferences, or  fora for parents and students. You can also support our St. Bonifacia Scholars by simply availing an Alumni ID card or by providing discounts to alumni card holders if you have a business establishment.
In whatever way you plan to give back to your Alma Matter, be rest assured that it will be accounted for and acknowledged, most especially as we approach our Golden Anniversary in 2016. That is three years from now. We shall provide an announcement board to show the projects of each batch from 1975 to 2016. The alumni office plans a number of events to help you re-connect with one another and to re-engage with this institution. For one, we have created a portal for Alumni and there’s no way for us to enhance its content unless you provide us with details. In 2014, we also plan to launch a search for outstanding alumni in the areas of community service, education, research, early career achievement and other areas. The search will run for 2 years and the awarding will be one of the highlights of our golden anniversary celebration. As your alma mater embarks on more challenging endeavors and reaps fruits of success, I hope you share the pride of our past administrators  and mentors who laid down a strong and solid foundation with which we can build upon more layers towards the accomplishments of our vision and mission.
At this point, on behalf of Holy Family School of QC. Inc. and the Siervas de San Jose, I would like to award an Alumni ID with lifetime validity to each of the organizers of this event. May I request Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, Sr. Milagros Maravilla, SSJ and Mrs. Nela C. Wei our former Directress to assist her.
It has been a pleasure assisting the Silver Jubilarians in planning for this event and grateful for the support they have committed to the school. Thank you so much everyone and may we all enjoy the rest of the evening.