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Pre- elementary 
(Male and Female)

Elementary & High School (Female)

A.     Requirements

Age (By June of the school year)

Kinder 1 (4 years old)

Kinder 2 (5 years old)

Grade 1  (6 years old) [more...]


Entrance Test (Application starts in November)

1.   Fill out 2 copies of NSETAF (New Student Entrance Test Application Form).
2.   Submit the required credentials to the Registrar’s Office. [more...]

July Highlights

July 5 – First Friday Mass

July 6 – Parent Teacher
Conference (PTC)

July 19 – Field Trip of Grades 4 to 6

July 23 – Exposure of III Cana

July 24 – Exposure of III Galiliee

July 25 – Exposure of III Gethsemane

July 27 – Leadership Training of Elementary class, club and
Barangayette officers

High School Department


 As a Center of Education of the Siervas de San Jose, we commit ourselves to provide an integral education in accordance with the example and teaching of Jesus, the Worker in Nazareth, with Mary and Joseph.

In pursuing the mission, all school programs, activities, policies and regulations shall:

  • value the dignity and giftedness of oneself and others;

    uphold Nazareth values alongside with academic excellence;

  • enhance personal and professional development of skills, knowledge and competencies; [more...]




Upon completion of the four-year course in secondary education, the students of the SSJ schools are expected to have:

  1. attained continuous growth in the positive valuing and development of the unique gifts of their being and doing in the light of their dignity as human persons, as relational beings and as stewards of God’s creation;

  2. developed proficiency in the use of language and communication to empower them to assume active roles in building relationships of solidarity, equality and co-responsibility among others;

  3. grown in their sense of commitment to promote the human and Christian values of truth, peace and justice, and the dignity of life, women and work;

  4. acquired the value of the humble, simple and austere lifestyle of the Holy Family in Nazareth where work is harmonized with prayer and love of God and neighbor prevails;

  5. acquired formation of one’s critical conscience and the necessary learning competencies preparatory to college education and vocational work fostering commitment to and solidarity with the socially challenged sectors in the world of work, especially women and youth at risk;

  6. deepened in their identity as Filipinos with a deep faith in God and committed to the common good and care of creation.